places I have traveled



In October 2015, I went to Peru, South America for 6 weeks. I visited my missionary friends while I was there, collecting stories.

Favourite posts from Peru: 



In May of 2015, I went to Uganda, Africa for two weeks. I was there with the organization Save The Mothers -- an organization I'm incredibly fond of. I visited maternity wards in hospitals, and met many mothers and their babies. I fell in love with the women of our world there.

Favourite posts from Uganda: 



I went to Rwanda, Africa for 2 months in the summer of 2013. It was a ten year dream that actually came true. It was in Rwanda where I began blogging, and it was in Rwanda where I fell in love — both with Africa and with Jesus. I was there under the organization International Teams. I ran an art day camp there, where I taught the kids singing and my friend taught them to dance.

Favourite posts from Rwanda: 



In 2011, I went to Baja, Mexico and helped run a camp at Rancho Genesis.

bucket list 

  1. Go to Africa ✓
  2. Travel to every continent
  3. Take a picture of every "Welcome To" sign in the United States
  4. Take a bath in rose petals
  5. Ride an elephant
  6. Take a mud bath
  7. Ride in a gondola
  8. Go in hot springs
  9. Learn to ballroom dance
  10. Go on an RV road trip
  11. Visit a convent
  12. Go to a Mass ✓
  13. Plant a vegetable garden
  14. Kiss in the rain
  15. Write a rap ✓
  16. Be on the radio
  17. Attend a hoedown
  18. Be a DJ for the night
  19. Plant a tree
  20. Scream at the top of my lungs at the Grand Canyon
  21. Create a stained glass window
  22. Go scuba diving
  23. Have a photo shoot in a field of wheat
  24. Drink tea in England
  25. Swim with dolphins
  26. Dye my hair ✓
  27. Drink coffee in Italy
  28. Ride in a hot air balloon
  29. Adopt a child
  30. Create an ice cream flavour
  31. Go on a cruise
  32. Taste octopus
  33. Ride a motorcycle ✓
  34. Be in a musical ✓
  35. Paint a mural ✓
  36. Pick a bouquet of wildflowers
  37. Go to a roller rink ✓
  38. Get a makeover
  39. Drink milk out of a coconut -- with a straw ✓
  40. Send a message in a bottle ✓
  41. Make up a new saying ✓
  42. Ride in a horse drawn carriage
  43. Walk in a rain forest ✓
  44. Own a bird ✓
  45. Set someone up on a blind date
  46. Go into a pyramid
  47. Hold a koala bear
  48. Learn to French braid ✓
  49. Do graffiti
  50. Go sailing
  51. Write and illustrate a children's book
  52. Visit an orphanage
  53. Go to Greece
  54. Eat Belgium chocolate ✓
  55. Go on a (real) road trip
  56. Watch a show on Broadway ✓
  57. Go to the Olympics
  58. Hitchhike somewhere
  59. Hand out yellow flowers on a rainy day
  60. Learn guitar ✓
  61. Throw a huge New Years Eve party
  62. Start the wave at a sports game
  63. Finish an entire tube of chapstick
  64. Write a song ✓
  65. Ride in a taxi ✓
  66. Go to New York City ✓
  67. Go to a drive in movie theatre ✓
  68. See Les Miserables on stage ✓
  69. Get a massage ✓
  70. Write a book ✓
  71. Go on an African safari ✓
  72. Be in Paris at midnight
  73. Eat crab cakes in Maine