11 brave things you can do today


IMG_4653 I used to believe bravery included a well-worn passport -- one stamped with adventure from cover to cover. I thought courage consisted of daring risks, life changing experiences, and escapades sure to grace the gritty insides of a novel.

And this, perhaps, is still true. I do believe these things are brave -- but surely there's more to bravery than just this. Bravery is biblical. It's an idea I believe Jesus is rooting for, and it's one I want to root for too. The more I long to know courage, the more I have realized it is a choice and not a feeling. I'd like to choose brave more often. I'd like to choose it every day.

When I look at the bravest people in my life, I see a pattern. They choose bravery, over and over and back over again. I'm certain they don't feel brave all the time -- in fact, they've told me quite the opposite. But they choose brave, not because they feel it, but because they know -- deep within their quivering bones -- that bravery is strongly connected with freedom.

If you feel as though your bravery cup is close to empty, let me tell you some practical ways you can choose brave today:

Come on over to (in)courage with me and find out the 11 brave things I think you can do today.




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