31 days of choosing enough


Each day this October on my blog, I'll be walking through this idea that I am enough, that we are enough. I would love you to come join me in this series, 31 days of Choosing Enough. I don't claim to actually know anything, but I do want to learn. I do want to know this truth, deep within my very soul. Let's walk this together? the posts :: 

day one ||  choosing enough (and choosing ice cream)

day two || rest in this

day three || we are enough

day four || I like you just as you are (a free printable) 

day five || believe the unbelievable

day six || a prayer for a weary monday

day seven || the words of a lion heart

day eight || for when your face burns red

day nine || Christ, be enough for me

day ten || that word for the year? It wasn't what I wanted

day eleven || known and approved (a free watercolour printable)

day twelve || not because you did, but because you are

day thirteen || you are more

day fourteen || a letter to my body

day fifteen || the wednesday collection

day sixteen || the adequate inadequate

day seventeen || may we celebrate you

day eighteen || you are enough (a free printable)

day nineteen || who you are is enough

day twenty || fighting for myself

day twenty-one || I'll try and stop running away now

day twenty-two || may I not let that define me

day twenty-three || make a list (and a free printable)

day twenty-four || let us both show up today

day twenty-five || the prayer I need to see (a free printable)

day twenty-six || find your safe people

day twenty-seven || buying yourself a reminder

day twenty-eight || trying something new

day twenty-nine || the long walk home

day thirty || where my worth is rooted

day thirty-one || so they say this is the end