68 days

My plane ticket is BOOKED!!! June 16th, I am headed to Kigali, Rwanda! 68 days! Leaving June 16th was never the original plan. The plan was to leave July 1st and be in Rwanda for 6 weeks. I was going to be able to get my full license, and sing at my vocal recital, then go to Rwanda. I had my plan neatly mapped out and arranged, (and you must know I’m the worst planner ever a.k.a I don’t plan so this was a pretty large deal for me) until I was told the flight would be $1000 cheaper if I left two weeks earlier, on June 16th. (I figure it’s a pretty good Father’s Day present for my pops.) The first thing that went through my head was, “Okay, June 16th, this is great! 2 weeks earlier, $1000 cheaper, this will be great.” And then I realized I wouldn’t be able to get my license before I left. (I didn’t get my G1 until October 25, 2012 which meant I couldn’t get my G2 until June 25, 2013.) And I figured that was okay; I could just get it when I came back from Rwanda. No big deal, right? Then I realized I wasn’t going to be able to sing in my vocal recital, because it was scheduled for June 23rd. That broke my heart. I’ve been looking forward to sing at that recital for a really long time. Then I realized, God must have an amazing plan for me in Rwanda. He has provided for me an AMAZING flight, and it’s $1000 cheaper, and I get to be in Rwanda for 8 weeks instead of six. It truly is amazing. I leave from Toronto to Amsterdam then straight to Kigali, Rwanda. You can’t get much better then that. So I learned something, and am continuing to learn things. My timing is not God’s timing. My small, human, measly ideas are nothing compared to God’s flawless, fail-proof plans.

Take me to Rwanda, Lord. I am so, so ready..