dear you

Dear you, a love letter

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Dear you.

Lovely you, loved you, in all the moments you feel vastly unloveable, you.

Loved before your first breath was taken. Loved before your eyelids fluttered open, soft and wide and miraculous, before the world took shape in front of you, before blurs became people and people became family and family became safe. Loved before your membrane attached to your bone attached to your muscle and your blood and your breath and your strong beating heart.

Loved before you knew what love even was.

Dear you, incomprehensibly loved you. Beyond success and fame and the world ever knowing your name. Beyond reason, and understanding and anything that makes sense, there is love for you. There was, there is, there always will be.

Dear you, you who are loved.

Extraordinarily, irrevocably, unequivocally loved.

You who are loved like the stars that hold tight to the dark black sky even while the thunder roars, like the shore that kisses the grainy sand each morning and evening and every change in the tide, that love -- only infinitely greater -- will never stop delighting in you.

Dear you, Loved in your darkness when the Earth is concaving in the loneliest way. Loved in your brightest. Loved in the middle when nothing feels dark or light but perhaps boring and mundane and quite unspectacular. Lovely, loved, loveable you.

You are loved with the everlasting kind. You were, you are, you always will be.

From me