This brave porcelain flower

12002815_10153194634451309_2562851144767581603_nbravery isthe girl and the boy. the boy loves the girl and the boy is sad but I think the girl feels sadder because she can't fix the boy no matter how hard she tries.

she knows fixing isn't the answer. she knows this. they say you can't fix someone,  you can simply love them.  and she loves him that's the problem. she loves him like a grenade is detonating inside of her chest. it hurts.

the boy goes away sometimes to certain places you can't get in there are locks and no keys so you bang on the door but he can't hear you. so you bang on the door but he's not there. he's in his bedroom but he's a thousand years away.

and then one day. then one day the boy opens the door. the boy leaves his bedroom.

the boy goes to the girl. the girl looks at the boy and says what? what is it? tell me what's wrong. and the boy looks at the girl a long time the girl looks at the boy his lovely face his fragile eyes the girl looks at the boy and the boy says i'm sorry. i went away for awhile i went far away i don't know where i went but i was gone for a long time i'm sorry. i'm back now i'm back. bravery is the boy and the girl. the girl loves the boy and she looks him in the eye and she says slowly carefully this porcelain flower just beginning to open. i missed you while you went away thank you for coming back, brave boy. thank you for coming home.




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