day thirteen: you are more


There truly is a possibility of every post somehow finding it's way back to Starbucks (because it's like I LIVE there.) Apologizing in advance. A few weeks back, a lady bought a breakfast sandwich.

I turned to the oven to warm it, because that's considered standard and I'm generally a good girl and do what I'm supposed to. I know, bo-oring.

Anyways, as I'm unwrapping said breakfast sandwich and popping it into the oven and clicking the buttons on to cook it just right, a girl -- young, probably twenty one or so -- yells at me.


(All of me wishes I could do a voice over because I think I could imitate that fairly well. Sigh.)

Let me tell you, at this point I was mad. I wasn't feeling well that day so I was already a little irritable.

I turned, slowly, to look at her. My heart was pounding -- and maybe this doesn't seem like a big deal to you -- but I wanted to scream back at her, "I AM MORE THAN A BARISTA!"

(Again. Seriously irritable.) But I didn't, because good girl, remember? Instead I bit my tongue hard, took her order, took her money, and waved a great big adios when she left the store.

I don't love when people yell at me. I'm a pretty big talker and think I'm exceptionally feisty, but in reality I don't love yelling nor confrontation.

But her yelling wasn't what bothered me most. What angered me, was the fact that she called me a barista. And I get it, I am one. But in my head, her telling me that meant that was all she thought of me. It felt like she stuck me in this little barista box with zero potential to be anything else. In reality, that was all she thought of me, because for the ten minutes I was in her life, that's what I was to her.

But I wanted to be more.

When I finished my shift that day and came home to mull over the situation I realized something: I am more.

And you are too.


    • You are more than what someone labels you as.
    • You are more than your Pinterest board.
    • You are more than the number of followers you have.
    • You are more than your past.
    • You are more than your present.
    • You are more than your occupation, your debt, your diploma.
    • You are more than _________________________________.  (Fill in the blank with exactly what you're struggling with right now: your marriage, your kids, your longing for a relationship, your weight, your disorder, your diagnosis, your addiction, your fear of never being good enough...)


Even on those days where you feel like nothing, you are more. And this, this is what Jesus thinks of you:

"You are of great worth in My eyes. You are honoured and I love you." Isaiah 43:4 

And somedays it's just so freaking difficult to remember this. Because we hear the customers yelling at us and all we hear is that we have no potential.

But you are of great worth in My eyes. 

Because we see our thighs that will never bear a gap, our number on that stupid scale, our lunch purged from our lips as we quickly flush the toilet, and all we see is that we're not being seen.

But you are honoured. 

Because the world seems so much bigger and brighter than we are and everyone JUST SEEMS SO ENOUGH and what if our lives don't go the way we want them to?

But I love you. 

You are of great worth in My eyes. You are honoured and I love you.

I'm going to memorize this one. Stamp it on my forehead, tattoo it permanently on my very soul.

We are more.


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