day twenty-seven: buying yourself a reminder


I bought myself a reminder. Now, we could technically argue that a) I don't need to actually buy myself anything (because aren't the printables reminder enough?) but b) I'm terrible at hanging my own artwork in my room because all I see are my imperfections (I'm working on it, I'm working on it) and c) buying stuff is just SO MUCH MORE FUN. (Particularly if it's Lisa Leonard, and particularly if it's jewelry, and particularly if said jewelry has the word "boho" in the title. Which it does.)

So anyway, I bought myself a reminder.

I got the necklace engraved with the words "you are enough" because honestly I don't believe that 99.9% of the time. I used to think that if I didn't "get" it, I would have failed. We're on day twenty-seven of choosing enough and I still don't get it. But I'm choosing that not to be thought of as a failure, but instead a reminder I may need daily.

What sort of reminders might you need on this Monday? You can pop them in the comments if you'd like. (I'll be praying for them today.)


If you want access to all of my printables as a reminder, here they are: 

I like you just as you are 

You are known and approved 

You are enough 

A list of all the wonderful things you are 

Christ is enough for you  line1

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This is day twenty-seven. You can find the rest of this series right here.

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