five minute friday: begin


Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker today for (her final) Five Minute Friday, where we write for five minutes flat. No editing, no backspacing, no need for perfection. Just come as you are kind of writing. The prompt today is:  



My broken completions

my un-extraordinary conclusions

my irrevocable finishes

somehow, suddenly and without realization,

are becoming something new.


This fresh beginning,

well it isn't fresh to me.

They tell me it's new, it's right, it's good

and I bite my tongue and try hard to believe them

but it seems all I can taste is this stale, salty air


Sometimes beginnings are smudged dirty with grime marks,

lined with long forsaken heart fractures

filled with missing pieces

and splintered parts

and fragmented bodies


Sometimes beginnings simply look a whole lot like endings

and tonight I whisper to myself, quiet,

that is okay.


Because when tomorrow comes soft and fast and pink with daylight,

even when nothing seems new or fresh or right or good,

it will still be a beginning, after all.


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