How to make a decision when you're feeling afraid

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 9.40.51 PM Although I have a tendency to rush most of the decisions in my life (I just get so excited!), I believe that there are factors that should weigh in when making an important choice.

I've made choices based on fear so many times. The idea seems too big, too impossible, too scary, and Fear is nodding her ugly head, agreeing with me. She hisses that I can't do it. She snarls that I'm not brave enough. When Fear rules my decision, she pushes me around, and I am left bruised and withering.

I forget that there is another option: Love.

Love is so much kinder to me. He reminds me of who I am -- a treasure, a poem, a love song. When I make decisions based on what Love knows, I can lean into the glory and might of a God who is greater than even my greatest fear. Love doesn't shove me around. Love holds my hand gently, guiding me forward.

Today, when we have a decision to make, when we feel the creeping Fear rising up the spine of our backs, may we choose brave by leaning into Love -- the deepest Love we'll ever know.



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