mountain top moments

One of the things I’ve learned in Rwanda is that our life is made up of moments. We have our favourite: our mountain top moments. Our exciting, adventurous, daring, blog-worthy moments - the moments that take our breath away when we’re in the middle of them. The moments that fill us with a joy so deep we feel as though we may just erupt from happiness. Yes, those moments are sweet indeed.And then we have our valley low moments. Our moments where we stare up at the mountain just beyond us - one that seems to grow bigger and taller as each minute passes. And as we stare up at the crumbling rocks that are sure to fall and bury us at any second, we wonder how on earth we ever got from the mountain top behind us to the valley we are in now. And then there are the moments where we begin the slow climb back up the mountain. Though I haven’t had many low valley moments in my life, I think sometimes these slow climbing moments may be the hardest.  They can be long, and tedious, and hard, and we can slip further back and feel as though we’re not making any ground up the mountain. I feel as though these are the moments in life where we feel forgotten, without purpose, or feel as though we’re unable to be heard. Yes, I think our life is made up of moments. Small moments, big moments, hard moments, incredible moments. Moments where we feel bliss and moments where we wonder if we’ll ever be able to continue on. I think what I’m learning is: what do we do with our moments? How do we let those I’m-about-to-either-burst-into-tears-or-throw-something-against-a-wall kind of moments not control who we are? Do we allow our small, infuriating moments to overshadow our larger, sweeter moments? And how do we make sure our moments teach us to be kinder, more patient, more loving?

How do we make sure our moments make us more like Jesus?.