The bravest thing I ever did

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.07.31 PM The bravest thing I feel I ever did was the thing I decided not to do. I chose brave by choosing not to go to school. 

I chose to write instead. I chose to create art. I chose to make up stories. I chose to go to Africa twice. I chose to jet to Peru in two and a half weeks. I'm choosing all of these things instead.

When people have spoken to me about why I've decided not to attend university, I think most of the time they assume I'm against post secondary education. Let me tell you, I'm not anti school. I think college and university is a fantastic tool for many people. But I don't think it's absolutely necessary. I don't think it's the end all and be all of a person's life.

There are a lot of things I'd like to accomplish. There are books I want to write, and places I long to go, and people I hope to meet. I'm going to go to Machu Picchu next month. I want dazzling experiences that leave me breathless and hungry for more. I want adventures that I can write about.

For me, this is right. For me, this is what is working.

But I'll tell you, it wasn't an easy decision. Had I gone to university, I would have been in my fourth year now. And still -- even after four years -- there are people that ask me if I regret not going to school. There are well intentioned people that care for me, and there are others who think I've thrown my life away.

I earnestly believe that Jesus is bigger than university. When we're trusting in him to follow the calling he has placed on our lives, we can have confidence that we're going to be okay. Each time I've come home from Africa I've wept to Jesus, begging him to make something meaningful of my life. I want to do meaningful things, I've cried to him innumerable times. I don't want to do it safely. I want to do it meaningfully. 

Who knows what will come of those prayers? But I'll continue doing the things I believe Jesus has called me to do: to write, to speak, to create art. And through all of that I pray my life is meaningful.

So this, perhaps, is the bravest thing I felt that I have done. But I hope I do braver things than this.



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