The Day That I Saw Jesus (incourage)


I saw Jesus the day my father shaved the hair off my mother’s head.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer three months ago. Jesus was there that day, too.

When my mom asked my dad if he would shave her head – because the chemo was causing her hair to fall out and it was just too hard to pick up the pieces – he said yes. When my mom asked my younger brother and I if we would be there when he shaved it, we said yes, too. We’re learning when trials come, the only way to endure them is together.

Jesus was on her right side, my dad on her left. Eli and I stood behind. I looped my arm through his and watched.

Watched the hair and tears mingle and fall together into the sink.

Watched my dads hand curve gently on the small of her back.

Watched love happen right there in front of me.

And Jesus was there for it all. He saw every hair fall – and since he knows how many hairs are on our head, he knows when those hairs aren’t there anymore – and I wonder if maybe Jesus was crying, too.

You see – this is what love looks like to me:

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