The top 6 perks of having an older sister

10358714_721641724589843_2544486251677953951_n I'm the youngest girl, but the middle child. I didn't like this growing up (because all the articles tell you being the middle kid is close to being the worst thing ever) but now I consider this the very best of both worlds.

But these aren't the perks of being a middle child, which perhaps I'll write about another day. These are the top six perks of having an older sister. I love having mine. Love love love.


1. She learns pretty much everything before you. 

I used to not like this. I wanted to learn stuff first. I wanted to come home and be all child prodigy-like and know everything. But it didn't happen that way. Eventually I realized we've learned different things first, but growing up she learned all the hard and seemingly important stuff before me. Which brings me to point number two...

2. She teaches you what she knows.

We always had our best conversations in the bathroom, either early morning while we were getting ready for school, or late at night while we were getting ready for bed. But it was there, while she was putting on or taking off her makeup and while I was brushing my teeth, that my older sister taught me all there was to know. It was there she taught me about boys and high school and girly stuff. She's smart and beautiful and whenever I asked her something, she always gave me an answer.

2. If someone knows both of you, you will probably never be thought of as bossy.

A perk for me. Maybe not so much for her. But she's not that bossy anymore. Well, sort of.

3. She is honest.

Honesty is really important to me. I know when I ask my sister for her opinion, she will always tell me what she truly thinks. I really like this (most days). I respect her and her opinion, and I know she'll never lie to me. She is encouraging in her honesty!

4. No one can get away with being mean to you.

Not while sister is around. Be warned.

5. She gives you a lot of advice. She will (97.5% of the time) be right. 

There have been many times in my short twenty years where I haven't listened to my sister. She has almost always been right. It's a) sort of creepy but b) sort of wonderful and c) I should probably just learn to give up and listen to her. She's exceptionally good at reading people.

6. You have a built in friend, cheerleader, and number one fan who isn't going anywhere.

She's in it for the long haul -- the long haul being my entire life. I know she believes in me. I also know we'll both screw up and make mistakes and get into some wicked arguments, but we will still fiercely love one another. And that love trumps it all.