you don't need to be in Africa to change the world


It's been almost one month since I've been home from Rwanda. I can hardly believe it. Some days it feels as though I was just there, but more often then not, it feels like Africa was forever ago. On those Africa-feels-so-far-away days, I have a tendency to start feeling down and sad and slightly depressed, and like I'm doing nothing here in Canada.

My new challenge for myself (and possibly for you, too): Find a way to change the world - no matter where you are.

For me, there were some days even while I was in Africa, where I felt like I was doing nothing for the world. And I'm learning that rest and relaxation and regenerating are important things, but there comes a point where we have to ask, "How can I change the world - right from where I am?"

My point is, you don't have to go to Africa to change the world. Or to Mexico. Or to the Dominican Republic. Or anywhere, really. I would strongly encourage everyone in this whole wide world to visit Africa, or Mexico, or the Dominican, or Haiti, or somewhere, if only to step outside of our little lives for a small moment and see what's happening with our friends around the globe.

But you don't have to be in Africa to change the world.

I don't think Jesus has called every single one of us into "missions" - and by missions I mean going to some far exotic land wearing khaki pants preaching the Gospel. (There are a whole lot of other ways we can use the word "missions".) But he has called us to make disciples. Every one of us. No matter who we are. Or where we live. Or what school we go to. Or if we go to school at all. No matter if we have a billion dollars in our bank accounts or one penny in our pockets.

Let's change our world while still at home. Let's be a generation who thinks outside of ourselves, and inside the hearts of others. Let's be a people who loves so fiercely, the entire nation will somehow know they are loved.

You don't need to be in Africa to change the world. You just need to change the world..