17 prayers of thanksgiving


Dear Jesus,Today I am thankful for...

1 - water It is easily accessible, plentiful, pure and nutritious. Thank you.

2 - food Really, really delicious! With always more than enough in the cupboards and fridge. Thank you.

3 - daily provision You meet my needs every single day. Thank you.

4 - a home A place in which I find comfort and joy and strength and love. Thank you.

5 - safety I am always safe within your arms. Thank you.

6 - my mom Thank you for a mom whose heart is tender, whose spirit is kind, a woman who exudes serenity, graciousness and compassion with every step she takes and every word she utters.

7 - my dad Thank you for a dad who loves me more then life itself. A father who keeps me safe and protected; who cherishes my gifts, and refines my weaknesses. A father who would do anything for any of us, and whom I don’t thank nearly often enough.

8 - my younger brother Thank you for a brother who teaches me new things all the time. A brother who is incredibly smart, who constantly is searching for opportunities to expand his knowledge, and who has a heart that is so, so kind.

9 - my sister Thank you for a sister that has become my best friend. Thank you that no matter what, we always love each other. Thank you that she is honest and loyal and true. Thank you for her exceptional generosity and her unfailing love for the people who surround her.

10 - my older brother Thank you for an older brother who continuously challenges me to love you deeper. A brother who always stops to listen, who cares and cares deeply, and who loves my sister more then words will ever be able to express.

11 - stretching moments These moments are hard and aren’t fun to be a part of, but I want to thank you for them, because through these hard moments, I am made to be more like you.

12 - africa A continent where I have learned to give grace, practice forgiveness, show love and have real faith. Thank you for Africa.

13 - the girls at 24/7 church Beautiful girls from Tuesday and Wednesday nights who whisper genuine prayers, possess positive outlooks on life, and have kind hearts. They teach me new things every week. Thank you for them.

14 - my friends Thank you for friends who soften me, encourage me, strengthen me, hold me, teach me, laugh with me, and love me.

15 - dreams Thank you for allowing me to dream, and for giving me extraordinary dreams that can only come from you.

16 - the stars When I look up at the stars, I feel small and safe and tucked directly in the palm of your mighty hand. Thank you for your creativity and brilliance.

17 - your love Thank you for loving me. For this, I am so thankful.

Thank you Jesus for all of these things, and many, many more..