extended arms and open hands


I’m not a graceful girl. I think that’s part of the reason why I am such a terrible dancer. I have no technique, deliver no poise; instead awkwardly attempt to recreate steps that do not flow or come from the depths of me.

I’d love to be a graceful girl and be the most elegant, delicate ballerina you ever did see, but I’ve realized that most likely will never happen. Today I’m choosing to leave behind the desire to be a graceful girl, and embracing the need to be a girl of grace.

I always thought grace meant allowing people to walk all over you. I’ll admit it: I’m a girl with a little bit of feistiness in her. The whole “getting walked on” thing never sat quite right with me.

So instead of offering grace with extended arms and open hands, I closed my fists tightly and gave a snubbed nose and an extra large dose of sass.

To me, grace seemed weak. Grace seemed sensitive and emotional. Grace seemed like giving in.

The truth? Grace isn’t giving in. Grace is letting go.

Grace is letting go of the past - the past hurt, the past assumptions, the past mistakes - and moving on towards something better. Grace is practicing forgiveness, showing mercy, allowing the possibility of sweet, sweet second chances.

What if we were to create a culture where grace was our first reaction - a place where we could stretch out our bodies and sprinkle grace into the lives of others?

Grace is unfastening the doors of my hardened heart and seeing the world from the eyes of Jesus: eyes that see beautiful, broken people who need beautiful, unbroken grace.

I want a grace-filled existence..