Choose brave


choosebravecollageEach day this October, I'll be writing about choosing bravery. I would love for you to join me. You can subscribe here to have the posts drop daily in your inbox, or you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. (I also did this last year -- feel free to check out my 2014 series: 31 days of choosing enough.) 

the posts :: 

day 1 // courage, dear heart

day 2 // give away your brave

day 3 // fear ain't the boss of me

day 4 // this brave porcelain flower

day 5 // 11 brave things you can do today

day 6 // spur me on

day 7 // when our love is called to be brave

day 8 // a (love) letter to my body

day 9 // paint me courageous and take away my shame

day 10 // the courage to heal

day 11 // a prayer for the timid and terrified

day 12 // the world would like to hear what you have to say

day 13 // the bravest thing I ever did

day 14 // the beauty of bravery

day 15 // wholly yourself

day 16 // why it's brave to go

day 17 // why it's brave to stay

day 18 // when he calls you beautiful

day 19 // she holds up half the sky

day 20 // to you who feel

day 21 // when feelings follow you

day 22 // a collection of courage

day 23 // no need for prince charming

day 24 // what I'm afraid of

day 25 // fearless authenticity

day 26 // how to make a decision when you're feeling afraid

day 27 // if I lost it all, who would I be

day 28 // you will not always be strong, but you can always be brave (printable)

day 29 // for when you are feeling less than brave

day 30 // what it looks like to bravely follow Jesus

day 31 // what I want us to remember