Courage, dear heart


Dear heart,

Have courage. Be audacious. Taste boldness. Choose brave. 

This is what I want for you over almost anything, dear heart -- to choose brave. Because it is a choice, isn't it? It's a choice and not a feeling. If brave was a feeling you would still be curled up beneath your white comforter over there in the corner. If brave was a feeling you'd never pull out your brushes and your paint jar and your watercolours. If brave was a feeling there would be no blog and there'd be no stories, because I doubt you'd ever feel brave enough to say what you'd like to say.

No, brave is not a feeling. Which means only one thing: it's a choice.

Dear heart, when you're fearful (which you so often are), I urge you -- choose brave. Dear heart, when those crushing feelings of inadequacy threaten to devour you, I urge you -- choose brave. Dear heart, when you are lonely and hollow and seem like you could disappear for awhile, I urge you -- choose brave.

You, my heart, have so much to offer this wide world. Words and art, stories and paintings, but more than that, too. So much more. Believe that you have contributions to offer. It's okay to be scared. Just please, don't let that stop you.

Choose brave, dear heart.

Choose brave.



This is day one of the series 31 days of choosing brave. Each day this October, I'll be writing on what it looks like to choose bravery. You can click here if you'd like a list of all the posts in this series. If you want to make sure you don't miss a day, feel free to subscribe below. line1