five minute friday: writer



I always wanted to write, but never thought I could be a writer. 

I thought to myself, “Maybe I can write, but surely I cannot be a writer. Writers are qualified and experienced. They know what they’re doing. And I do not.”

But then Jesus whispered into the very depths of my soul these words: writers tell stories. Writers create. Writers breathe life into dark places. Writers inspire. Writers tell the truth. Writers encourage. 

I paused. I wanted to tell stories, wanted to create. I wanted to tell the truth, and to inspire and encourage. 

It dawned on me then. I wanted to be a writer. 

But am I qualified? Am I experienced? Do I even know what I am doing?

Doubt clouds my thoughts all the time - but still, I write. 

Even in my under qualification, my inexperience, my self doubt, I. Can. Be. A. Writer. 

Because writers are anyone who want to tell their story, and the story of others around them. 

I want to write. 

I want to be a writer. 

I write. 

I am a writer.


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