why I'm saying "no" to no makeup selfies


Over the past few weeks, I have seen a lot of “no make-up” selfies on both Facebook and Instagram. 

Let me tell you, I love seeing girls embrace their naked faces - especially when they are encouraging one another! I love reading kind comments that my friends have written to one another, assuring each other that we don’t have to hide behind the makeup.

But it’s a struggle for me to see cancer awareness pasted beside these no makeup selfies.

Here’s my struggle: putting a photo of yourself wearing no makeup on social media, and attaching cancer awareness to that photo, doesn't directly help someone who has cancer. 

Now, that no makeup selfie with the words “this is for cancer awareness” may make you feel good, and it may even make you feel like you are really making a difference. I don't think either of those things are wrong or bad. I think the intention to raise cancer awareness and make a difference in it, really is a beautiful thing.

This is not a cry for help or a call for pity. 

Perhaps this is because I now have a connection to cancer, but I’m asking you to rethink how we create cancer awareness. How about instead of just creating awareness, we go one further, and make a small step towards a difference? 




I promise - that will make a difference.