Let us create


I like you people so let me tell you a dream of mine: I want to someday have a fiction book with my name on it. I love fiction.

I love poetry.

I love stories.

And sometimes I find that there isn't really a place for me to share these short fiction stories, or midnight poetry, or scenes of a movie that have danced round my head.

So. Let us make a place.

Let's have a place where we can collide worlds of fantasy and fiction, of poetry and prose, of things we've always longed to write. I have about seventeen unfinished books. I'm pretty good at writing only the first chapter.

The unfinished chapters of the book you're hoping to someday write? That's welcome here.

The scrawled out thoughts on the notes section of your phone? That's welcome here.

The poetry that wakes you up in the middle of the night simply begging to be written? That's welcome here.

The lyrics that appear in your head that have been scrawled down on a receipt or napkin? That's welcome here.

The artwork you've always wanted to show someone? That is welcome here.

Your stories -- your raw, unedited, don't-really-want-anyone-to-see stories -- they are welcome here.

So let us create, with words and imagery and lyrics and poems.

Meet me back here next Tuesday (September 9). Bring your works of fiction, your songs, your rhymes and ballads and we'll link them all up right here. And let us be brave, and let us create, and let us share with one another.

I'll see you here.

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