someday #letuscreate


I've been looking for a place to share some ugly poetry, some unfinished stories, a mish-mash of all the things I want to write. And I want you to feel free to join in with me. Don't worry about it being finished or beautiful or published. Be brave. Let us create. Here. I'll go first.



I am an old woman in this young girls body

My flesh and inabilities stretched right across these bones

Your fragile weight precariously placed upon my shoulders

I love you don't you see? and that is our sweet dilemma

My love runs too deep like an ache un-relieving

You ache too and with this your aches become mine

I can see our tapestry once woven

But the seams split apart in the centre now

We ache together but in different rooms separate places worlds away

do you feel this too?

I wonder I wander Often

Wonder if anyone can be further even with this proximity

I long to rub your ache away to feel your withered fingers but you, too, are old

Wise and old and only a boy

You'll sleep soon, I know and when you wake I'll be here

Our stories spread wide our exhaustion worn thin

And you'll know my love my achy, desperate love a love in which I've had for you your whole life long



When you link up you'll be eligible to win a huge Choose Brave print bundle featuring my own hand lettered prints. I'm excited to read your words!

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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