parenting lessons from a 19 year old


There are 3 kids in our family. (Technically four, because of my brother-in-law, but we’ll ignore him for the time being. He’s super awesome though - I promise.)

There’s my older sister who recently got hitched, my younger brother who just celebrated his sweet sixteen, and then there’s me, who according to my mom, am the “ham that keeps the sandwich together”. She tells me that every time I whine about how unfair life is for the middle child. I think she’s secretly calling me a ham. This is a list of things my parents rocked at while we were growing up.

(Side note: I’m still growing up.)

(Another side note: I’m in massive denial about the whole “becoming-an-adult” thing... adults have way too many decisions to make and I can barely decide what ice cream flavour I want.)

... today I'm hanging out over at my friend Natalie's place. You can find the rest of this post here