No need for prince charming

When Katie reached out to me with a blog post she had written, I was delighted. Katie has read my blog and has been an incredible encouragement to me. Katie is a 22 year old photographer based in Oakville, Ontario. She dedicates her time to eliminating stigma around mental illness, as well as encouraging others to radically love themselves in a world that attempts to snuff us out. She shares her thoughts on staying organized in school, dealing with depression and anxiety, as well as overcoming body dysmorphic disorder and her own eating disorder. So glad to welcome Katie here today... line1line1

by Katie Scarlett

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As young girls we were taught that one of the greatest loves you can experience is the love of a man who wants to save you. A prince charming. A hero. We grew up on films and books that encouraged us to play pretend and emulate these stories, stories that became pathways we wanted to walk so we could have a future just like these princesses.

The stories however, don’t always translate to reality. Especially living in the world we live in today.

I lived the life of that princess, I was looked after and loved. But what I learned after years in this position was that love isn’t love with too much compromise. I know, shocker. You see, I do believe love needs compromise, compromise is great for movie night, groceries, deciding where christmas dinner will be held this year. However, compromise for me, is not fair when in order to be happy with your partner you must compromise you’re being. Your morals, your beliefs, your self.

I gave myself away on many occasions, and when I removed myself from that relationship I was left with the overwhelming realization that I had lost myself. And I had lost my way with God.

There are things we’re often not told by our world as young girls. That you are good, you are worthy, and you are deserving of happiness and love to the fullest. These things have to be sought after yourself, on your own terms, and with your own courage and bravery mustered up for the journey, and sometimes it means going through dark places to get there.

A simple ring sits on my left hand, not a ring of engagement with a worldly prince. Though eventually I’m sure it will earn it’s place. No, the words “Love” and “Trust” sit delicately wrapped around my finger as a reminder. To trust that things will be okay, that I won’t have to look far when the time comes because God has created me to be a strong woman. In his time with me he has moulded in me a courageous heart, and a kind heart, a heart that will intrigue all I encounter. But he has also engrained in me a wisdom, to know that the man who eventually wants to be apart of my life forever, will know that he is no prince charming. That he is not saving me.

For I am brave enough already.



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