When feelings follow you

I'm excited to invite my best friend, Sarah, to the blog! About a year and a half ago, God plopped Sarah into my life. We didn't realize we needed each other, but he knew. He always knows what's best for us. Since that time, Sarah has become one of my favourite people on the planet. She teaches me continually -- through her intelligence, her empathy, and her tenderness. So glad to welcome my lovely Sarah to the blog today... line1line1

by Sarah Roessner

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When starting a new season in life (besides those who dive face first into new ventures -- oh how I wish I was one of those people) most people feel nervous, unsure, insecure, and inadequate.

I think this comes along with the territory of venturing into the unknown -- removing yourself from what was once comfortable and embracing change. My perspective is that those experiences can be beneficial, even if it was a crappy venture, or you don't enjoy where you're at. We learn so much from simply being in those moments, those hard/stressful times and pushing through. Sometimes it's like a painful growth spurt, other times it's painless as can be.

Another thing to consider when starting something new is: feelings follow you. Feelings follow everyone.

When we feel a certain way about ourselves, that feeling tends to stick with us. Sometimes it can be a great thought or truth about our identity, and sometimes it's can be like a sour taste in our mouth. Whether those feelings have been inflicted by other people from school, work, a friend group, or a family member, those feelings have a tendency to cling to our soul.

How we feel about ourselves effects our whole understanding of who we are, even if that understanding is untrue.

Someone called you fat? Or said you're too quiet? You're not smart? Your ideas didn't matter?

Did someone make you feel small and insignificant?

Do those words still follow you?

Do they still live inside your head?

Have you etched them onto your identity?

Even when those feelings follow you, know that they do not define you. They do not determine who you are as a person. You are allowed to let go of those feelings and abandon them forever. You are allowed to cling to the freedom of who you truly are.

Being brave is never easy. It will never be easy. But it's important that you try. Our greatest victories in life are often from the times when we chose to be brave.



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